• Increase efficiency cutting down spendings on staff and rent
  • Widen market coverage
  • Cut down operational costs on logistics
Food delivery
  • Grow your customer base
  • Become closer to clients
  • Cut down operational costs
  • Attract online shoppers to your stores
  • Make spendings on rent and staff more cost-effective
  • Provide your customers with self-service and no contact experience
Real Estate
  • Start earning on a previously unused space
  • Make residential complex more attractive
  • Increase convenience for your residents
Laundry and other service companies
  • Increase the number of your location
  • Become closer to your clients
  • Cut down operational costs
Multifunctional Controller
OmniHub is equipped with controllers that:

  • Provide uninterrupted operation of the self-service point
  • Control the work of locks and lightning inside of the cell
  • Allow to update software remotely to keep to the latest version
Secure Locks
Feel safe and sound with our patented locks that were tested under harsh conditions of water, dust and vibration. Locks are designed for over 100 openings and were proofed to be of high quality by Guiness World Record Commission.
Various Temperature Modes
Customers can enjoy a wide range of services, whether you are in the food delivery, mail services, ecommerce and retail due to a wide range of temperature modes.
Sell snacks, drinks, clothes, or even electronics effectively. OmniHub is your store on one square meter. Stock goods via courier application and let your customers enjoy the best self-service experience purchasing what they need when they need it in three simple steps.
One of the best things about the product is that it can be used by multiple companies providing the customer with a variety of choice. And, at the same time, no one owns the customer base reducing the risk of fraud.
We will integrate with any company via API for two weeks and you will be all set to deliver parcels, sell goods, or provide laundry service in the first All-in-One station OmniHub covering wider market and becoming closer to the customer.
Join our network and boost your business with us. We provide consulting and support at all stages of our partnership. We developed HaaS model for the clients to get more of self-service business without getting involved in too complicated process of development, production, service and training of staff.
High Standards
Our service team works 7 days a week to ensure that your and your client experience of self-service is outstanding. We keep to high SLA standards.
IT Support
Have ideas on what features to add to our software? we are there to discuss and assign tasks for the following sprint!
Installation and Services
Don't worry about installation of a parcel locker and its maintenance. We will take care of it.
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