Parcel+Post Expo: The Powerful Event Of October 2019
We have a lot of great and powerful technological events this year. And Parcel+Post Expo, the world's largest annual exhibition, is one of them. The event gathered more than 3,000 specialists from 100+ countries in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands from September 30 to October 1, 2, 3, 2019. The postal operators, couriers, e-fulfillment companies, cross-border shippers, and delivery companies had a perfect opportunity to discuss the current issues and form business relationships on a global scale. This year, 200+ international exhibitors spoke at the event and gave an excellent opportunity to get a first-hand look at the latest innovations and technologies driving this industry forward. Omnic team has joined the event to share the atmosphere and energy of innovation with all the participants and guests.

Jump Into Innovation Atmosphere
Since digital disruption is actual for most industries today, Parcel+Post Expo was divided into some streams: advances in free delivery, logistics, robotics, automation, and AI. And also, the increasing challenges of logistics in urban areas, including innovations and options in the last mile, driven in large part by expansions in e-commerce.

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The Omnic R&D Team complemented the main idea of the exhibition and highlighted the importance of transformation for the last-mile solutions. Recognition of the product Omnic develops was reflected in nomination for the Final Mile Innovation of the Year.

Ann Snitko, Omnic Business Development Executive, explained the role of blockchain in last mile delivery solutions. Customers expect a certain level of service and are not ready to pay lots of money for the last-mile delivery. Ann explained how blockchain, shared economy, and Omnic open parcel locker network can solve this issue.
Omnic Experience At Parcel+Post Expo

Omnic team was proud to join this important event. We had a booth where we demonstrated a new generation of the vending solution and WiFi locks - a new development of the Omnic R&D team. It was an extraordinary experience for our company since we received the Guinness world record for this technology and wanted to share this experience at Post-Expo 2019. The technology was developed with the support of Berkeley University for Robotics and the provision of last-mile technology in retail, logistics, and e-commerce.

Participants of the exhibition received an opportunity to be the first ones to test WiFi locks, which work without cables and are easy to manage from the web admin panel. The new technology will facilitate the installation process and will allow making parcel locker support more efficient.

Such automated lockers technology is growing step by step around the world with the IoT and automation trends, becoming an essential component of the logistics behind internet purchases.
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